.2022 as Mrs. T

Today, I am thankful that while the events leading up to February 14 have not been "favorable" (car accident/repairs, COVID, delays, financial challenges, etc.) there are still so many things to be thankful for. And I am most thankful to be the wife of Rhowell N. Tiozon Jr. and the things we are learning from … Continue reading .2022 as Mrs. T


We are all planting seeds in a garden of a future that we may not be able to see. Teaching under the circumstances of the new normal will certainly tug at your heart, open your heart and break your heart, but I hope that you would choose to plant COURAGE, COMPASSION, COMMITMENT and most importantly, LOVE in the garden of your hearts so that when springtime comes we will see these very things thriving in that garden, in the lives of our students.